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Day: <span>January 9, 2014</span>

Never Forget Part 2

Part 1: We Came Before Columbus Part 2 : Were the economic benefits to Europeans of owning African-Americans as chattel property? The returns must have been enormous. We see companies today traveling around the world seeking the most slave-like conditions they can find. Whether it’s 23-cents-an-hour in Haiti or a dollar-a-day in Malaysia, by buying labor so low […]readmore

Music Widens Their World

Of Sphinx, They Sing: When the Black Women’s Leadership Council (BWLC) informed the Crispus Attucks Elementary School/CS 21 Principal Leslie Frazier (top row, far left) and Class 5-306 teacher Juanita Johnson (far right) of its desire to invite 20 fifth-graders to be their guests at the 10th Anniversary of the Sphinx Virtuoso performance at Carnegie […]readmore

For Our Children’s (and God’s) Sake….Can We Make Children our

“If we are ever to have real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children.” Mohandas K. Gandhi This week’s news has been flooded with bringing to surface the incredibly negative conditions facing parents and caretakers of our children. While mainstream media keeps the “Drama in DC” on their wires along with natural […]readmore

A Sunday Afternoon of African Rhythms with Randy Weston, Billy

The publishers of Our Time Press, Legacy Ventures and Senegalese chef Pierre Thiam hosted a conversation with Randy Weston & Billy Harper, Sunday, December 29 in celebration of the African Rhythm kings’ new “The Roots of the Blues” album. We thought the process of pulling together such an event in just five days would be the highlight of our Christmas. […]readmore

When Tomorrow Comes: Young Brooklynites and the New Normal!

[Photo credit] The Green-Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems by Van Jones East Flatbush, Bed-Stuy, Bushwick and East New York are home to Black Futurists. See how they’re leading us! Let us say: “We want to ensure that those communities that were locked out of the last century’s pollution-based economy […]readmore

New Year, New City Administration

 By Mary Alice Miller If New Yorkers didn’t know that NYC’s first Democratic and progressive mayor in 20 years is a big deal, they found out when the de Blasio transition team announced that former president Bill Clinton would conduct the new mayor’s swearing-in. The announcement came one day after 1,000 inauguration tickets (set aside […]readmore

Cornegy Vows To Keep Bed-Stuy Affordable and Bring Back Gifted

Photo credit: DNAinfo/Paul DeBenedetto Inauguration Ceremony Brings Out Mayor Bill de Blasio and Many Other Elected Officials. By Stephen Witt Calling for the need to reduce unemployment and vowing to bring Gifted and Talented programs in public schools back to the district, newly elected 36th District City Councilman Robert Cornegy took the oath of office […]readmore