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Day: <span>May 17, 2013</span>

Unleashing the Power of Mothers

The female was endowed by nature with the ability to bring children into the world. Since this is true, it must follow that we are capable of nurturing them to reach their full potential. Animals protect their young. Why can’t we? When we allow ourselves to confront emotional trauma from the past, we gain the […]readmore

Anatomy of Federal Corruption Allegations

The recent spate of federal prosecutions for political corruption may look racial because of the ethnicity of the defendants, but the real risk is an elected official’s circle of associates. Last week convicted former Queens State Senator Shirley Huntley was sentenced to one year and a day for the theft of $87,000 in member item […]readmore

Boys and Girls HS Hosts Eagle Academy All-Male Youth Summit

Boys and Girls High School hosted 1,400 boys from Eagle Academy schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Southeast Queens and Newark, NJ for an All-Male Youth Summit organized by the Eagle Academy Foundation. The summit — part pep rally, part networking party, and part sports tournament – was the culmination of a weeklong celebration of the […]readmore

Local bicycle shops embrace city’s rent-a-bike program

The bicycle shops of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Fort Greene/Clinton Hill this week gave unanimous thumbs up to the city’s rent-a-bike program that is officially expected to roll out early next month. The public-private partnership plan dubbed Citi Bike because Citibank is its major underwriter will ultimately see 600 docking stations and 10,000 bikes where residents and […]readmore