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Day: <span>May 10, 2013</span>

Eddie Castro’s Sports: Pacing Around

The New York Knicks have renewed an old time rivalry with the Indiana Pacers. This epic rivalry brings back so many memories going back to the 90s. This includes Game 1 of the 1995 playoff series between the Knicks and the Pacers in which Reggie Miller scored 8 points in 8.9 seconds to bury New […]readmore

Inside Bedford-Stuyvesant: Before the Bell …

By 9:00 am, classes have begun in most New York City public schools. That world of students, teachers, administrators, counselors is on its way. Parents are about their work and their day. This past Monday, learning began much sooner for a few dozen children, and two mothers proved the important role of including conscious parents […]readmore

Parent's Notebook: Unleashing The Power Of Mothers – Rearing A

While parents are urged to attend PTA meetings and join groups protesting countless perceived injustices, media rarely shares information that’s usually obtained by paying a therapist. Considering the dismal statistics on too many of our youth, something more is obviously needed. The report consisted of brain scans on children from six months, response of the […]readmore

Brilliant Beyond Words: Winners of Adelaide Sanford Institute Oratorical Competition

Lift Every Voice: Vice Chancellor Emerita Adelaide Sanford (seated) and Dr. Linda Patterson, standing left, joined the audience, coaches, judges, teachers, parents and more in applauding high-achievers in the 7th annual Adelaide L. Sanford Institute Oratorical Contest who proudly hold their medals. Public School 56 – Lewis H. Latimer School hosted the May 4 event […]readmore

Lawsuit Demands Shut Down of City Point Development Project

A coalition of labor unions, community activists and elected officials have filed a lawsuit against City Point, a commercial and luxury housing complex rising from the site of the former Albee Square Mall in Downtown Brooklyn. The lawsuit demands that all construction at City Point stop pending a new Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that would […]readmore

View From Here: Drones and the Boston Bombing

The FBI has sent an interrogation unit to question Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old that video shows apparently placing the second of two bombs that killed three people and injured at least 180 at the Boston Marathon.  One of their goals is to find the “reason” for the bombing,  they want to hear, “We did it […]readmore

City Point lawsuit calls minority hiring into question

A union-led lawsuit seeking to halt the massive City Point project in Downtown Brooklyn is threatening divisions between local lawmakers siding with the unions and black-owned contractors saying a stoppage will cost local jobs and slow cash flow in the community to a trickle. The project, on the former Albee Square Mall site on Fulton […]readmore