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Day: <span>April 6, 2013</span>

Parents Notebook: Home Works! During Summer and Beyond…

  The slower days of summer bring an opportunity for parents to begin using the home as a learning lab.  Parents are experienced at functioning in the real world, having skills for various workplaces.  We want our children to have Survival skills – and we want them to have a sense of purpose – their […]readmore

Malcolm Smith’s Fall from Power

State Senator Malcolm A. Smith, who sided with an “independent” group to give control of the State Senate to Republicans, was arrested by the FBI on Tuesday with charges of wire fraud, extortion and bribery in an attempt to get onto the Republican ballot for mayor of New York City.   Republican City Councilman Daniel J. […]readmore

Kirsten Foy Seeks Bed-Stuy Council Seat

By Mary Alice Miller Community activist Kirsten Foy is running for the open 36th Council District being vacated by term-limited Al Vann. Running is “a natural extension of my previous service,” said Foy. “I’ve been an activist all my adult life – in protest politics, electoral politics, inside government and outside government. Whether it was […]readmore

Who is Responsible for Unsavory Rap Lyrics? Rap Music Moguls

Two decades after C. Delores Tucker called rap lyrics “pornographic filth”, the battle over a culture of incivility marketed to impressionable youth continues. Last week middle-age rapper Rick Ross generated outrage with lyrics that referenced a dangerous new street drug, slipping it in an unsuspecting woman’s drink, and raping her. The pushback was swift, even […]readmore