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Day: <span>March 15, 2013</span>

View From Here: Unrest in Brooklyn Must be Addressed

There is a rage on the street that cannot be mitigated by appeals for calm or calls to increase the peace. We see it in multiple car windows being smashed on Lafayette Avenue, overhear it in telephone conversations of bus passengers and watch it on the streets of Flatbush. It is a rage rooted in […]readmore

A Church Secretary Leaves a Legacy of Grace, Skill, Power

Secretaries play a pivotal role in the lives of those who run institutions. Tireless Administrative Assistants keep the files, the records, the history. They assist. They help. They aid. They offer skills beyond support: they counsel, they lead. They Protect. They are the first line of defense. They are the advisers, counselors. And their business […]readmore

DA Candidate Ken Thompson Takes His Message to Barber Shop

By Mary Alice Miller Former federal prosecutor Kenneth Thompson commenced his campaign for Brooklyn District Attorney with a series of intimate visits to local barber shops. Dressed in a casual jacket, open collar shirt and running shoes, Thompson’s unassuming manner captured the attention of barbers and patrons alike. Several barbers stopped cutting hair to listen. […]readmore

Rev. Dr. Deborah Finley-Jackson Speaks Pt. 2

The Rev. Deborah Finley-Jackson speaks long and compassionate about education and children. It is the reason we separated her cogent, insightful comments for Our Time Press — on the importance of educating ourselves and our children about our unique histories — into two parts. Last week in the March 7 Our Time Press, Dr. Finley-Jackson […]readmore

Eddie Castro's Sports: Knicks ’N Cutz

The New York Knicks season has taken yet another U-turn, as the injuries continue to pile up for coach Mike Woodson’s team. Carmelo Anthony had missed 3 of the last 5 games after hurting his knee last week against the Cavaliers. Doctors had diagnosed Anthony with fluid in the back of his right knee. This […]readmore

Parents Notebook: Our Families and the Nation Are Still Up

Statistics from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence reported the following for the year 2010. The precincts in Brooklyn were in the top 10 of the city in 2010 for gun-related arrests. We will continue to search for current stats and local deaths. Note the six neighborhoods that made the top 10 in New York City. […]readmore

“Use Tax Payer Funding Fairly, Support Community Newspapers”

By William “Bill” Thompson There’s an old saying in politics: “you go where the voters are.” The idea is to always reach out to individuals and communities and never take any group for granted. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what our city government is not doing by ignoring community and ethnic media, a central vehicle of communicating […]readmore