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Day: <span>March 8, 2013</span>

Q&A with … Toni Yuille-Williams: Brooklyn’s Savvy Lady

What are Brooklyn Savvy qualities and traits? It’s about knowing your own power, and not being afraid to express who you are to the fullest. It’s knowing your way around challenges, figuring a way through, around and over obstacles. Being Brooklyn Savvy is being politically wise and street smart, but also having values, strong beliefs, […]readmore

Sparks Fly at ‘Low-Income’ Mayoral Debate

The Community Service Society, in collaboration with 32BJ, Center for Popular Democracy and United NY held the first of two forums designed to inform voters of mayoral candidate’s visions for low-income New Yorkers. Located in Harlem, the forum was moderated by WNYC host Brian Lehrer. In attendance were Democratic candidates Sal Albanese, Bill de Blasio, […]readmore

Parent's Notebook: Yes! We Can!

The taking of lives has reached a crescendo – from sanctioning wars and capital punishment we are now witnessing drastic increases of killings on our blocks and in our communities. The last week of Black History Month, PS 11 held its annual Black History Month program. While the classes shared accomplishments by history makers, they […]readmore