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Day: <span>December 28, 2012</span>

GUEST OPINION: Make Sure it Ends Before it Begins

By Theresa O’Neal I was giving my place a special cleaning yesterday in preparation for Christmas and New Year’s and I threw the windows open to let some fresh air in as well. It was a typical Saturday before the holidays, busy washing, cooking, cleaning and I was about to run my errands. As I […]readmore

The Parent's Notebook

Parents to the Front of the Antiviolence Movement The Newtown massacre has ignited another round of conversations about gun control, the response by the NRA adding fuel to the aimless fire. While there has been a heightened reaction to the Newtown incident, news of other killings send a signal that something more is sorely needed. […]readmore

Eddie Castro’s SPORTS: Brooklyn Blues

For Nets fans, Christmas could have gone two ways. Many fans would’ve received an early Christmas gift with a Nets win the downside of that is being a fan and dealing with your team losing at home to the Boston Celtics. A loss to the Celtics is exactly what happened as Paul Pierce abused Brooklyn’s […]readmore