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Day: <span>September 16, 2012</span>

Brownsville Community Baptist Church Fights Crime with Jobs

In an effort to combat crime, Brownsville Community Baptist Church hosted a job fair. Reverend Harold Burton said jobs would help lower the rate of violence in our communities because employment would make a person concerned about life. “You see people being shot in the streets, just loafing. They should know that somebody cares,” said […]readmore

Rep. Yvette Clarke Holds Clinic on New Immigrant Policy

Less than a month after the Obama Administration implemented Deferred Action – an immigration policy that allows eligible youth the opportunity to obtain employment authorization and deferred action providing temporary relief from deportation or removal proceedings – Representative Yvette Clarke hosted a legal clinic to provide hands-on assistance to almost 100 individuals and family groups […]readmore

City Teachers Support Striking Colleagues In Chicago

By Stephen Witt The city’s United Federation of Teachers (UFT) this week sent some solidarity out to their striking brethren in Chicago to the tune of $10,000. In a unanimous vote, the UFT executive committee wrote the check to the 25,000-member Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), noting that 90 percent of the CTU voted to strike. […]readmore

A Recognition of Twin Towers Engineer, Mr. Alton A. Burton

When the building of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was proposed in 1960, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller chose Clinton Hill resident Alton Burton, an African-American engineer who had earned his degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s from New York University. At that time, he was already employed at the Port […]readmore

Kings County Politics (KCP)

The race to succeed Vann With the state officeholders and Democratic District Leader primaries over this week, the race to succeed Central Brooklyn’s dean of politics, the term-limited City Councilman Al Vann begins in earnest. While much has been written in this column about male Democratic District leader and Vanguard Independent Democratic Association (VIDA) President […]readmore

Bed-Stuy kids move to front of class with pilot engineering

By Nico Simino Following the success of a 2012 summer pilot program, kids in Bed-Stuy will now have a place to not only have fun, but learn and improve their math and science skills, following in sync with the national push for more science and technology educational programs. The educational program, called Summer Engineering Experience […]readmore

Promoting Parents on the Elementary School Level

While parents are literally in their children’s classroom night and day year-round, we aren’t made aware of passing and failing because in this culture, job descriptions for effective parenting are not promoted. After all, think of the impact it would have on an economy that depends on “needy – real or imagined” – individuals for […]readmore