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Day: <span>August 16, 2012</span>

Guest View: Pudd’nhead Mitt and the Great Giveaway

By William Rivers Pitt, Truthout | Op-Ed The decision to add Paul Ryan to the Republican presidential campaign has, once and for all time, exposed the limp, rudderless vacancy that is the core essence of Willard Mitt Romney. Over the eighteen years he has been on the political stage, Mr. Romney has changed positions more […]readmore

View From Here: Romney/Ryan: A Dangerous Ticket

By David Mark Greaves Sound the alarms and gird your loins! These are the best of times because the battle for the nation’s soul has been joined. The so-called “boldness” of the Romney-Ryan presidential ticket, is really a euphemism for the naked assault by what W. E. B. DuBois called the Planter Class, on the […]readmore

Sarah Brinson: Get Ready, Get Set, Vote for Obama!

By Lucia Jean and David Soblick President Obama has lived in the White House since before his election. In Sarah Brinson’s Brooklyn-based “White House,” that is. Obama has been a mainstay in Ms. Brinson’s white brownstone in Bedford-Stuyvesant – which has been adorned with posters, buttons, photographs, newspapers and virtually every piece of Obama campaign […]readmore

“Ain’t I A Woman?”: Gender Discrimination at Medgar Evers College

Black women in the City University of New York (CUNY) are asking a timeworn question that has nagged us for centuries: “Ain’t I A Woman?” According to tradition, Sojourner Truth was the first to invoke that question in the year 1851 at a Women’s Rights Convention for fair and equal treatment of women. Concomitantly, her […]readmore

News Briefs 8/16/12

Homeless numbers rise in city The city’s homeless population rose sharply over the last year, causing a record number of people to enter the shelter system. The increase has forced the Bloomberg Administration to open nine more shelters in just the last two months. Department of Homeless Shelter Commissioner Seth Diamond told reporters the city […]readmore

Kings County Politics (KCP)

By Stephen Witt Bed-Stuy district leader race heats up Behind all the political hoopla surrounding the male 56th Assembly Democratic District Leader race between incumbent district leader Robert Cornegy and Al Wiltshire is that the two candidates appear to have different priorities with strengths and weaknesses. Cornegy is taking a more legislative approach. A former […]readmore

Downstate Medical Center may lay off over a thousand workers

Fears mount they may move central operation from black to white neighborhood By Amelia Rawlins As the SUNY Downstate Medical Center starts issuing pink slips to workers as part of their “restructuring”, Borough President Marty Markowitz and a bevy of the borough’s elected officials wrote Gov. Cuomo urging him to save critical services and medical […]readmore

Restoration Plaza’s Single Stop provides social services on-site

Residents can use the one stop center to obtain food stamps and myriad of social service benefits By Stephen Witt Local residents struggling to get by are quietly learning that tucked away in Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza is an organization authorized to sign you up for food stamps and Medicaid, as well as provide assistance on […]readmore