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Day: <span>August 9, 2012</span>

Military Veterans Blast Romney for Supporting Voter Suppression

By Tula Connell, AFL-CIO “Romney’s in a bizarro world. He’s suppressing millions of votes in this election and then he lies …” U.S. military veterans severely criticized Mitt Romney today for supporting laws limiting the right of residents to vote in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, where Republican-controlled legislatures recently enacted new voting laws. In […]readmore

Slave Theater auctioned at foreclosure sale

New owner can build up to ten stories along Fulton Street corridor   By Nico Simino After years of neglect, family squabbles, so-called squatters, and partial structural collapse, the Slave Theater, 1215 Fulton Avenue, will be auctioned off by the city, as this news paper goes to press. The theater, which was mired in all […]readmore

Green Thumbs Up for Greenest Block Winners

The winners of the 2012 Greenest Block in Brooklyn Contest were announced yesterday at a press conference on the champion residential block, Lincoln Road between Bedford and Rogers Avenues in the neighborhood of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. Tying for second place: Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Macon/MacDonough/Stuyvesant/Lewis Block Association (for MacDonough Street between Stuyvesant and Lewis Avenues) and Park Slope’s 8th […]readmore

Guest View: Voter Suppression and John Roberts’ New World Order

By Bill Blum, Truthdig   As the presidential campaign heads for the stretch, the political and legal battles over voter suppression are also coming to a head. To understand the unfolding class warfare – and that’s exactly what it is – it’s important not just to grasp the specifics of the many suppression schemes sweeping […]readmore

Organized Resistance Grows against Fundamental Islam and Sharia in Mali

By Mary Alice Miller During the weeks since fundamentalist Islamic militants have taken over vast expanses of northern Mali, their intent to impose Sharia is clear. The visible destruction of several ancient Mali shrines, deemed World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, took the world’s breath away. Fighting, beatings, and harassment drove thousands across the country’s borders, […]readmore

View From Here: Unconscionable Acts of Violence

By David Mark Greaves On the Social Scene … Let’s be clear here: President Barack Obama must be re-elected and the thought of a Mitt Romney Presidency is enough to chill a soul, and yet the one percent — like old movie western claim-jumpers, is setting about the theft of the nation “all nice and […]readmore