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Day: <span>May 26, 2012</span>

On The Right Track with Diane Dixon

  Flo-Jo was MY True Friend:   It was 1984 at the Olympic Training Camp in Santa Barbara, California and a red Datsun 300ZX with the license plate 84GOLD pulled up to the practice track. A shy young woman stepped from the car and began to warm up with the USA’s sprint relay team. Brooks […]readmore

View From Here: Don't Blame the Young People

The saying is that the youth are future, and if that is so then our future is grim. Because what we are allowing to happen to our young people is little short of genocide. They are being demonized, short-funded, poorly educated, unfathered, unenriched and left to have their training in life come from the streets. […]readmore

13-Year-Olds Targeted for Shooting Range Day Trips

Mothers, be very aware. As day bus trip season ramps up, someone got the bright idea to advertise Shooting Range out-of-state day trips for 13-year-olds. A full-color glossy poster promoting the Shooting Range trips was recently found on a tree near the intersection of Livonia and Rockaway Avenues.   The 11″-by-18″ glossy depicts several pictures […]readmore