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Day: <span>October 9, 2011</span>

Brownstoners of Bedford Stuyvesant's 33rd Annual House Tour is Leading

Brownstoner’s President Ava Barnett: “On Saturday, October 15, 11a-4p, Meet homeowners who are Helping Keep ‘Bed-Stuy Alive!'”– At the most recent Community Board 3 meeting, Ava Barnett, president of The Brownstoners of Bedford-Stuyvesant, explained the links between green and “brown” in regards to her organization’s “33rd Annual House Tour of Bedford Stuyvesant” – an explanation […]readmore

Occupy Wall Street Issues List of Demands

For the past three weeks, the NYC General Assembly, a growing coalition of activists, has occupied Liberty Plaza, just a few blocks north of Wall Street. Their stated goal is to confront the gross economic inequalities between the top 1% in this country (who are wealthy) and everyone else. During the nonviolent occupation and street […]readmore

View From Here: Occupy Wall Street

If we take President Obama at his word when he challenged the Congressional Black Caucus to press on for fairness, then the Occupy Wall Street protests taking place across the country are exactly what the president is asking for and needs, a mass movement against financial and political institutions that behave as self-imagined kings and […]readmore