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Day: <span>August 28, 2011</span>

The View From Here: Diallo & DSK – Libya &

The encounter that initiated the charge of rape by Guinea-born hotel maid Naffisatau Diallo against former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss Kahn, the subsequent dropping of the charges by District Attorney Cy Vance and the opportunism of NATO in its attack on oil-rich Libya, are all part of the European lustful and proprietary attitude […]readmore

At Wit's End By Stephen Witt: Go along to get

Go along to get along in city politics Our mayor, Daddy Bloombucks, is really big on the “go along to get along” catchphrase. If you go along with him you’ll get along with him. Agree with his policies, toss him a few softball questions and laugh at his lame sense of humor, and hey – […]readmore

Miss Mary-vs-Delta Funding

Nine years ago, civil rights fighter Mary Lee Ward contacted Our Time Press about her urgent unfolding story — which was as powerful then, as it, although changed a bit, is now.  Following is a reprint of the story by Baye McNeil, published in OTP February 2002. By Baye McNeil February, 2002 Over the past […]readmore

Blacks and Jews: On a street in Bedford-Stuyvesant

While the character of Bedford-Stuyvesant remains largely African-American, there has also been a large and growing influx of Hasidic Jews from the Satmar sect in Williamsburg. In particular, this Jewish sect has been moving in and around Skillman Street from Flushing to Lafayette Avenues. (Skillman is couched between Bedford and Franklin avenues.) We spoke with […]readmore

Boys & Girls High School's SCHOLAR-ATHLETE POLICY of Higher Standards,

With last year’s valedictorian and salutatorian being scholar-athletes, Principal Bernard Gassaway at Boys & Girls High was inspired to set the bar higher for athletes at the school. Below is the school’s new 2011-2012 athletic policy. Purpose The purpose of this school policy is to develop excellence in character, citizenship and scholarship among our scholar-athletes. […]readmore

Summer Energy Academy Prepares Youth for Global Energy Challenge

Bedford Academy High School has collaborated with the American Association of Blacks in Energy in the New York Metropolitan Area (AABE- NYMAC) to sponsor the Summer Energy Academy (S.E.A. Program) at Bedford Academy H.S. Seventeen students between the ages of 11-14 were carefully selected to engage in the 6-week summer program, highlighting several aspects of […]readmore

Three Brooklyn Youth Bring Home Gold At 33rd NAACP Act-So

102nd Annual NAACP Convention in Los Angeles (New York City, NY) – Three Brooklyn high school students brought home medals from the NAACP’s 33rd annual Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) in Los Angeles, California. The five-day event capped months of local competition in which high school from students around the country jockeyed for […]readmore