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Day: <span>August 22, 2011</span>

View From Here: Obama Talks Like A Democrat, Walks Like

When we look at President Barack Obama, it is easy to forget that he does not share the psycho-social heritage of the descendents of chattel slavery and that he was raised by white folks.  And while there is nothing wrong with that, his mother was an extraordinary woman herself, it does mean that his psychological […]readmore

At Witt's End: Looking Forward to the Barclays Arena

It may not be politically correct, but one of the best things to happen to Brooklyn in the past ten years is the Atlantic Yards project. I mention this because last week I was at the Atlantic Terminal Mall, where from a lunch counter stool on the second floor, one looks out of a giant […]readmore

Getting the Energy Up for Another School Year

Getting the Energy Up for Another School Year If you’re a parent of a New York City School student and recognize the danger our children are in locked into a system where they’re required by law to attend schools whose failure is not based on test results but the growing threat on principals and teachers […]readmore