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Day: <span>July 14, 2011</span>

Sports: Captain 3000

Brooklynites as well as the City of New York, were all witness to “history in the making” last Saturday afternoon. Going into Saturday’s matinee game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Jeter was 2 hits shy of 3000. In the first inning, Jeter hit a line drive past the third base line. In the third inning […]readmore

At Witt's End: It Takes A Perp To Walk And

 As a reporter who’s covered my share of perp walks, I kind of enjoyed watching 62-year-old Frenchman Dominique Strauss-Kahn shackled and haggard-looking being led away to the hoosegow.    DSK, as he has been labeled, got his moment in the American justice system sun, where in the public eye, he was guilty-looking enough to hang […]readmore