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Day: <span>May 22, 2011</span>

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The world we are leaving for our children and grandchildren is competitive in ways not seen before.   President Barack Obama reiterated the national effort to ease the path to citizenship for “the best and the brightest” from around the world.  And with the globalization of information transfer, they don’t even have to come stateside to […]Read More

At Witt’s End: An Existential Question For The “Day of

  If it is Sunday  morning and you’re reading this column over a coffee instead of going to church I have great news for you. You’re alive! That’s right. The predicted “day of reckoning” and doomsday of May 21st has come and gone and those that predicted our demise, with or without redemption, were wrong. […]Read More

Yankees In Disarray

Brooklynites,as well as the city of New York are absolutely puzzled by the recent Yankees losing skid. Last week, the Yankees were atop first place the AL East. A week later, the Yankees are currently 3 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays, who have taken over first place. As it has been well documented by […]Read More

Police Beat

— 77th Precinct covering Crown Heights and Prospect Heights Brutal rape— A sick thug claiming he was  Satan  viciously raped a young woman on May 14, police said. The 22-year-old victim told cops the sexual deviant followed her home after she got off the 3 train at Kingston Avenue at about 2:20 am.  He then […]Read More

The Parent's Notebook: Growing Genius

Growing Genius In an ongoing search for ways  for parents to use   multiple intelligence theory to discover and unleash  their child’s innate genius,  I attended a screening of Independent Film New York (IFNY).   The founder of  IFNY,  Attika Torrence, introduced the filmmakers for Q & A.  I was moved by the synergy existing between the […]Read More