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Day: <span>December 27, 2009</span>

The Tawana Brawley Case: TIMELINE From Wappinger’s Falls, NY 1987

From Wappinger’s Falls, NY 1987 to Poughkeepsie, NY 1998 1987 Nov. 24 State Trooper Scott Patterson and Part-time policeman Harry Crist take Patterson’s pickup truck to the Newburgh area. Nov. 24 – Mrs. Buxton, mother of Tawana’s boyfriend, reports that she and Tawana are followed in Newburgh by two white men in a pickup truck. […]readmore

Comments on Passing of Percy Sutton (In Formation)

Barack Obama on the Passing of Percy Sutton: Percy Sutton was a true hero to African Americans in New York City and around the country. We will remember him for his service to the country as a Tuskegee Airman, to New York State as a state assemblyman, to New York City as Manhattan Borough President, […]readmore

Percy Sutton: A Visionary Giant Passes

  Pioneering Lawyer, Percy Sutton Passes Away December 27, 2009 Percy Sutton, attorney for Malcolm X, dead at 89 Former NY Mayor Dinkins (l) and Percy Sutton in 2006 NEW YORK – Percy Sutton, the pioneering civil rights attorney who represented Malcolm X before launching successful careers as a political power broker and media mogul, […]readmore

A Detective Story: Tawana Brawley, an open case

Interview with Graham Weatherspoon, Det. NYPD, Ret. Graham Weatherspoon (center) OTP: What do you know about Tawana Brawley’s life before November, 1987? GW: I did not know her personally, but I’ve been told she was an excellent student, a cheerleader at her high school where she got eighties and nineties in class, an honor student, […]readmore