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Day: <span>December 1, 2009</span>


What are the winter holidays without toys? Pretty disappointing is the probable answer.  Everyone likes a toy.  Some toys are simple and others are so techie delectable. pardYour Toy For the adults in the home, Sirius (www.sirius.com) offers one hundred streams of satellite radio.  What is satellite radio?  Try digitally produced music and entertainment that=s […]readmore

Three Faces of Brooklyn: The Good, The Bad, The UglyWhen

When facing challenges they say that attitude is everything and we saw an example of that in two meetings in Brownsville that dealt with those points where city and population meet: crime, garbage pickups and housing. We first attended a tenant association meeting at Seth Lowe Housing at Belmont and Christopher.  Chaired by Jenny Ortiz-Bowman, […]readmore

The Negro Building and Exhibit

at the Jamestown Exposition No one could look at the product of Negro brain and hand in the Negro Building at the Jamestown Exposition without realizing what a remarkable showing has been made after forty year=s effort, not only indicative of accomplishment, but full of promise. At one entrance to the Negro Building, by the […]readmore

The African Burial Ground Memorial Site at Duane and Elk

The Memorial contains 419 coffins resting beneath approximately 600 square feet of ground.  And they, in turn, hold the remains of men, women and mostly children who were Aworked to death@ as they cleared the trees, dug the ditches, built the roads and administered to the daily labor needs of  the first illegal aliens C […]readmore

Survey Reveals That Low-Income New Yorkers Remain Trapped in Poverty

Low Wages and Few Employee Benefits Result in Serious Economic Hardships  New York, NYCNovember 6, 2003 – Low wages, few basic employee benefits, as well as recent measures taken to close the city and state budget gaps, have compounded the struggle to make ends meet among low-income New Yorkers.  According to the second annual survey […]readmore

On Friday, December 19th, We Will Be Celebrating Carter G.

Unfortunately, Dr. Woodson=s philosophy has never been embraced by the New York City school system. Instead, we have accepted and embraced a Western system of education and would rather promote multiculturalism and diversity than African -centered learning. We should not sacrifice one for the other. Our children can learn it all, but knowledge of oneself […]readmore

Inspector Timothy Pearson stood in front of the barber shop

Inspector Timothy Pearson stood in front of the barber shop and looked over the crime scene for any evidence that may have been overlooked by the detectives. It was only hours earlier that a career criminal=s body lay dead on the same side walk from a single shot to the chest from a police officer’s […]readmore

A Look Back at What Was Accomplished

The injustices of the Jim Crow era of separate economic and social circles for whites and blacks, have been well-documented.  Signs such as ANo Negroes allowed@ and AWhites Only@ are familiar symbols of a time when Black people were forced to trade among themselves, patronizing Black-owned stores and businesses.   Under such constraints, we made economic […]readmore