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Day: <span>November 12, 2009</span>

View From Here: Bandits, Dangers and Opportunities

The marauding packs of  corporate bandits are at it again, robbing the common citizenry, causing pain and death with utter abandon and no remorse.  First they came for the homes, using mortgages as gambling chips, extracting bonuses and fees for every toss of the dice and with the homeowner left to account for the value […]readmore


RSVP now for FREE transportation to 70 art galleries in hip Brooklyn “gallery districts” On Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, November 22, 70 participating Brooklyn art galleries will offer visitors outstanding exhibitions and refreshments as well as a unique opportunity to learn more about Brooklyn’s expanding art scene and galleries during the second annual smART […]readmore

Holding on to The Best Part of Bedford Stuyvesant —

 Brenda & Wilbert Fryson of Chauncey Street – We bought our house on Chauncey Street in 1974.  A relative of a close friend lived on the block, and he made it possible for us to meet the owners, who were moving away.  We wanted our daughter,  Kenya,  to grow up in a caring and nurturing […]readmore

Fedrecia M. Hartley, Bedford-Stuyvesant's Artful Home

 Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Artful Home: When Fedrecia Hartley purchased her property several years ago she fulfilled three dreams: brownstone ownership in her Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood; the establishment of a home for exhibiting artists’ works, including her own; and creation of creative art opportunities for community building and empowerment.   Hartley is the Director of Zion Gallery and President […]readmore

Aging in Our Time / Who Are the Caregivers?

Students of the Bible interpret the phrase “brother’s keeper” in relation to a lesson in caring … or being responsible … for others.  By this interpretation “others” refers to everyone, related by blood or not.    Offspring of America’s big birth boom following World War II, however, are focusing closer to home; more than 20% of […]readmore