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Day: <span>September 3, 2009</span>

Brooklyn For Barack Hosts Comptroller Debate

The latest Comptroller debate took place in central Brooklyn, hosted by Brooklyn for Barack. Lead organizer Jordan Thomas said the Comptroller debate is “part of a series of activities designed to keep people engaged after the historic 2008 election of Barack Obama.” Organizer Amanda Thompkins said planning for the event began when voters were asking […]readmore

The Road to Health Care Reform: The Human Right To

This issue of health care reform in recent weeks has become so politically charged and divided.  I believe this divide represents a great disparity between the “haves” and “have nots”.  Many people worry the reform in the wrong hands cannot possibly work but also will lead to many falling through the cracks.  For one, issues […]readmore

The View From Here – What to Do About the

We were up on Franklin Avenue a few weeks ago visiting Bristen’s Café and saw a police sentry tower at the corner and officers mounted on horseback in the street.  Looking into why this would be, we found ilovefranklinave.blogspot.com, which reported that this unusual police presence was in response to a number of shootings in […]readmore