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Day: <span>April 1, 2009</span>

Reminiscent of a cattle roundup, a group of Black and

After a few moments passed by, several white males walked into the room and examined their    anatomy.  In many cases, the examination of these human specimens leads to much debate over who is promised to receive the next available Black or Hispanic person to work the field.  On some occasions the white males would attempt […]readmore

Staff Firings Protested at Bed-Stuy Legal Services

Members of the Legal Services Staff Association (LSSA) with support from members of other UAW locals will picket their employer, Legal Services-NYC, an Thursday, April 2lst at 5:30pm in front of its main office located at 350 Broadway (6etween Franklin and Leonard Streets) prior to the meeting of the Board of Directors of LS-NYC.  Members […]readmore

Banks Fighting to Preserve $17.5 Billion Overdraft Fee Industry

It happens all the time. A thirsty consumer grabs a cup of coffee with a debit card, unknowingly exceeds the available balance, and gets smacked with a $30 fee for the $3 purchase. The banks call it overdraft protection – the usually automatic loan fronted by institutions to cover purchases even when checking accounts have […]readmore

Black U.S. Delegation Attends Racism Conference to Demand Reparations The

By Amadi Ajamu <PMTags1.0 win><C-COLORTABLE (“Black” 1 0 0 0)><GFIRST 18><GALIGNMENT “justify”><FONT  “Times New Roman”><SIZE 10><GTABS $>  The follow up to the World Conference against Racism (WCAR) 2001 and the Durban Declaration dubbed “Durban Review” will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, April 20 – 24, 2009. The December 12th Movement International Secretariat, a non governmental […]readmore

Sherri Hobson-Green: Passionate About Greening

Sherri Hobson-Green owns a brownstone in Bedford-Stuyvesant. She’s also a mother, an entrepreneur, and now, a “green” community activist. “I’ve always loved gardening, and I’m very involved with working with my neighbors to beautify our Macon Street block by caring for the trees, and cultivating plants and flowers”, she shares. “I am passionate about greening. […]readmore

Defense Attorneys Give Background on “Confessions”

The Case of the Central Park Jogger can serve as a laboratory for dissecting the criminalized justice system, and demonstrates how dangerous are provisions of the Patriot Act which are intended to officially sanction the interrogation protocols used in this case. Lawyers Michael Tariq Warren and Roger Wareham are co-counsels representing three of the defendants: […]readmore