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Day: <span>September 1, 2008</span>

When the first sounds came over the police radio that

While my officers were securing the area they gave me a brief synopsis of what took place. One aspect of the story stayed on my mind because it was indicative of the cruelty that comes with street life. As the slain male lay in his car, his associates scrambled to reach over his dead body […]readmore


George W. Bush represents a part of white American history that has been suppressed, repressed or lost.  We know who the descendants of the enslaved Africans are, ask any African-American and they can tell  you  their great-grand ancestor who was the last held as a slave.  And yet, of the millions of people involved in […]readmore

Two (The Couple) Plus One (The Planner) Makes The "Perfect"

Nichole Anderson Wedding That’s All About The Bride A marriage is not a relationship with oneself.  It is a melding of two personalities, styles, families, groups of friends and lives.  In that same respect, the planning of a couple’s wedding should not be a task handled by one.  Weddings have held the connotation of the […]readmore

The State of Affairs for Teachers of Color in NYC's

By Debra Brunson, Betty Davis & Deborah Jacobs Historically, the Department of Education (the DOE, formerly known as the Board of Education) has prevented people of color from being hired into its system until the onset of the Human Rights/Civil Rights Movement of the Sixties. The DOE has expanded its war (waged against our youth) […]readmore

Public Watchdogs Demanded for Brooklyn, Manhattan Development

niform Land Use Review Process (ULURP) in the proposed West Side Complex in Manhattan and the Nets Arena in Brooklyn, Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Pataki and financial-driven interests, are conspiring to deny not only New Yorkers in general (a voice in the future of the city), they are specifically targeting the black and brown majority by […]readmore

Just walk down our neighborhood streets any workday afternoon and

It would be a horrendous criminal situation if we are only talking about 100 young Black men and women. But we are talking about witnessing tens of thousands of kindergarten-aged beautiful, inquisitive Black children being sent into these anti-education centers to be transformed into intellectual zombies destined to be bling-bling consumers, prisoners and warriors protecting […]readmore


Relationship Plight In almost 20 years of seeing all types of theater, I must say that “Waitin’ 2 End Hell” is one of the best plays I’ve seen depicting the hardship that the Black man goes through when in relationships with the Black woman. As a Black woman I left the play very enlightened about […]readmore