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Day: <span>December 1, 2007</span>

Police Frisk Banneker Students: Just Routine

Students and parents alike are incensed by the random search that took place on Tuesday morning at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School.  According to one student, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity, school safety officers began to shout at students as they entered the school that morning.  The student said that the […]readmore

harles and Inez Barron Celebrate 25 Years of Marriage

By Mary Alice Miller Councilman Charles Barron and his wife Inez celebrated their Silver Anniversary at the House of the Lord Church. Rev. Herbert Daughtry, who married them 25 years ago, led the rededication of their vows. Five hundred people, including family, friends, public servants and allies in community service  came out to witness the […]readmore


By Patricia Robinson Six years ago at a family dinner, Paul Grosvenor shared with his family that he wanted to become a singer. His uncle, Peterson Grosvenor, advised Paul’s parents to take him to the Patricia F. Robinson Music Studio where his daughter Erika studied piano and voice. That was the beginning of Paul’s awesome […]readmore

Brooklyn Gang Chief: Prison Teaches Better Criminality, Brightest Shouldn’t Go

By Mary Alice Miller “Prisons are the best schools to learn to be better criminals. Our brightest gang members shouldn’t go.” These remarks were part of a presentation from Deanna Rodriguez during a recent forum at Medgar Evers College entitled An International Perspective: Gangs and Crime. Rodriguez, Chief of the Gang Bureau within the Brooklyn […]readmore

Sealy Cuyler Funeral Home Thanks Community at 1st Anniversary Event

By Jasmin Dysard On November 18, 2006 the doors of a Black women-owned funeral home in Prospect Heights officially opened for business. One year to the day, family, friends, clergy and a New York City Councilwoman gathered in one of the funeral home’s beautifully designed rooms as the owners of the funeral home, Ms. Renaye […]readmore

The Parent’s Notebook

By Aminisha Black Regaining the Skill “To Think” In New York City Chancellor Klein released report cards for the city’s schools.  Mayor Bloomberg’s calling the report cards “The best way to hold a principal’s feet to the fire” is disturbing since the flaws and lack of transparency leaves serious questions about the effectiveness of progress […]readmore

From the Aisle

By Linda Armstrong The 35th Annual AUDELCO Awards were held at Aaron Davis Hall on November 19 and they were absolutely wonderful. There was a grace and elegance about the evening, co-hosted by Flo Wiley and Billy Mitchell. A smoothness and organization that was exciting to experience. It was also marvelous that I saw so […]readmore

Funds are Raised for 140-year-old Historically Black College

By Jasmin Dysard “We at Barber-Scotia College believe that human dignity is an endowment from God and that all persons have the responsibility for developing their potential to the fullest and for devoting their creative energies toward making a better world.” So reads the first sentence of the Barber-Scotia College mission statement. “There will always […]readmore