Our Time Press

Day: <span>November 1, 2007</span>

Community Board Three Promotes a Healthy, Well-Informed Community

Department of Sanitation Community Affairs Officer Iggy Terranova was one of many guest speakers to address Bed-Stuy residents during Community Board 3’s monthly meeting held Monday, November 5. “New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world,” proclaimed Officer Terranova. “It’s our job to keep it clean and healthy.” In an effort […]readmore

The Internet & New Media

By Akosua Kathryn Albritton Harlem Congregations Wires Buildings The search for nonprofits that are closing the digital divide has identified management assistance groups in midtown Manhattan and Washington, DC, and nonprofit community groups in Coney Island and the Bronx.  It’s wonderful when investigations are fruitful. Another group to applaud is Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement […]readmore

The Parent’s Notebook

By Aminisha Black Sankofa – Home Remedies Let me begin by stating that I am distraught and in this space I have no room for hearing anything other than how and when do we take responsibility for protecting and nurturing all of our children. The recent murder of the 18-year-old by policemen called by his […]readmore


Bernice Elizabeth Green and Keith Forest Ancestral Thanks Giving Thanksgiving Day is one of the three days during the year that the African Burial Ground National Monument Memorial is closed to the public.  Kind of unfortunate since queuing up to give thanks and appreciation to the enslaved and free Africans of 17th and 18th century […]readmore

Elombe Brath Needs Our Help

By Herb Boyd Managing Editor, TBWT Harlem-An increasing number of activists around the globe are shocked to learn that Elombe Brath has suffered a stroke. Brath, 71, one of the world’s most respected Africanists and founder of the Patrice Lumumba Coalition, is currently recovering from a stroke that has slowed and weakened a man who […]readmore

Antioch Baptist Church & Local Community Organizations Host Health Empowerment

Reverend Robert Waterman, senior pastor of Antioch Baptist Church, has partnered with the NAACP Brooklyn Branch and Provident Clinical Society to host Health and Spirituality: A Day of Awareness.ÿ ÿÿThe free community health event wasÿheld at Antioch Baptist Church, Sunday, November 4, 2007 following church services.ÿÿAttendees hadÿthe opportunity to get free blood sugar, blood pressure […]readmore

Commerce and Community

By Errol Louis Avoid Bank Rip-offs New York banks have a very bad habit of instantly freezing customers’ accounts when collection agencies come looking for assets to grab. Seizing the money amounts to a financial death sentence for thousands of working people who instantly lose access to their paycheck, their retirement income and their savings […]readmore

Community Shocked and Outraged Commissioner Kelly Blasted for Rush to

By David Mark Greaves We were startled to see 18-year-old Khiel Coppin’s blood still on the street Wednesday morning, two days after being shot by police who said he had refused to obey an order to stop walking toward the officers.  The officers say Coppin made a menacing gesture with what turned out to be […]readmore