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Day: <span>September 1, 2007</span>

Banning Saggy Pants is Not the issue. Need for Low

Bruce Dixon Local lawmakers in Atlanta, Dallas and other cities pretend to address crime and destructive aspects of corporate-delivered youth culture by targeting the appearance of black youth – with local ordinances to file or jail the wearers of sagging pants and exposed thong straps.  But the public airwaves over which commercial youth culture is […]readmore

From India to Iraq, Biloxi to Brookly

 Cinematic works by more than 30 women filmmakers hailing from India to Brooklyn will screen at the Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival at Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus. Oscar-winning actress and singer-songwriter Irene Cara will be honored, as will Susan Robeson, co-founder of Third World Newsreel and arts promoter Kojo Ade. On Sunday, […]readmore

Uptown style ignites with Brooklyn’s bold and beautiful as Harlem

The borough of Kings opened its majestic gates as the Harlem Jazz & Music Festival traveled downtown to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of HARLEM WEEK’s Harlem’s In Vogue fashion extravaganza. The stylish, event, which took place Monday, September 10, 2007, at the Downtown Brooklyn Marriott, was hosted by Fox 5 meteorologist Tracy Humphrey, reality star, […]readmore

The Internet & New Media

By Akosua Kathryn Albritton crazy as a Fox 5 Fox News at 5 PM was dead set on showing the 40th West Indian Labor Day Parade in a negative light. Although the station anchors described it as New York City’s largest parade where over one million people attend, Fox News never showed shots of the […]readmore

Education and Community

By  Stanley Kinard Condolences go out to the family of Mr. Arnell Lacy, a longtime resident of McDonough Street.  At his funeral, I met Ms. Virginia Hawkins, who I was amazed to find out is 99 years old.  I indeed felt blessed when she informed me that she reads my column on a regular basis.  […]readmore

Commerce and Community

By Errol Louis Quiet Revolution While nobody was looking, black political empowerment in Brooklyn has taken a big step forward in recent years. What used to be considered impossible in Kings County – the election of a black candidate to a borough-wide position – is now routine. In the last five years, no fewer than […]readmore

People Have Different Missions, Find your Mission, Enrich Your Life

By Lydell Lettsome, MD When you think of a mission to help those less fortunate in other countries, you may have preconceived misconceptions about what they entail.  Especially when you watch infomercials that typically give a sense that missions are almost always organized by white Christians traveling far and wide to spread the gospel to […]readmore

Provident Clinical Society’s

“We are living in  great irony now” is how Provident Clinical Society President Dr. Dexter McKenzie described the similarity between the health care disparities in the era the Society was founded (in 1905) and the current health system in Brooklyn which he terms “broken” and health policies that are “ill-advised.” An illustration of the interrelatedness […]readmore