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Day: <span>May 1, 2007</span>

When you are of African ancestry in America, you are

But on a bright sunny day on City Hall steps, they came together as one because a chord had been touched.  A common front had presented itself. The community was being prevented from honoring Sonny Abubadika Carson, and because of that,  doctors, homeowners, community activists, artists, retirees, educators, scholars, workers all came together and said, […]readmore

Vann: Battle Not Over

For Sonny Carson Street-naming By Mary Alice Miller On Wednesday, May 9, the City Council was scheduled to vote on a street-naming bill that conspicuously eliminated the name of Sonny Abubadika Carson from consideration. Community pressure (and perhaps fear of setting an uncomfortable precedent) led the council to lay over the vote until May 30. […]readmore

Stopping the Mortgage Meltdown

Subprime lenders – banks and real estate companies that charge higher than normal rates for home loans – have spent much of the past decade using unethical and possibly illegal tactics to stick working families with mortgages they can’t possibly repay. In one common version of the racket, predatory brokers and lenders aggressively target low-income […]readmore

Local Community Should Have Power To Define Self

Eddie Ellis:  National chairman of the NuLeadership Policy Group at. Medgar Evers College “I support the idea that the local black community should have the power to name themselves and define themselves.  Sonny Carson is a hero in our community, a legend in our community and there is absolutely no real reason why the street […]readmore

Judge Phillips

to Move Back to Brooklyn By Mary Alice Miller NYS Supreme Court Judge Michael L. Pesce has ordered retired Judge John Phillips to be moved from East Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility in the Bronx to Castle Senior Living at Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Among those in attendance were Phillips’ personal guardian Ms. Symphanie Moss (niece) […]readmore

Internet Provides Great Career Opportunities

By Henning Seip Since 2004, the Help Wanted signs at the doors of New York City-based IT departments are getting bigger and bigger, and available workers are getting fewer and fewer. Does anybody notice? Many people considering Information Technology (IT) as a career are influenced by hearsay about offshore outsourcing. Yes, some IT jobs such […]readmore

Fighting to Save Underground Railroad Site

By Carla Murphy Joy Chatel’s home at 227 Duffield Street, possibly one of Brooklyn’s best historical links to the Underground Railroad, could be seized by the City of New York in a matter of weeks and turned into an underground parking lot.  Above will sit Willoughby Square Park, a one-acre public plaza approved in 2004 […]readmore

Community Board 3 Stands Firm

on Renaming Street in Honor of Sonny “Abubadika” Carson By Keith L. Forest  Community Board 3 held its monthly meeting on Monday, May 6 at Restoration Plaza.  The board, which represents the Bedford-Stuyvesant and Ocean Hill Communities, grabbed headlines recently for its support of a proposed street-naming after community activist and former Black Panther Sonny […]readmore