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Day: <span>March 1, 2007</span>

From the Aisle

By Linda Armstrong Amazing Musical About Everyday People There is an absolutely wonderful musical playing at 37 Arts in Manhattan and it goes by the name In The Heights. This musical does a brilliant job of portraying the very real, down-to-earth lives of Latinos that live in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan. This production […]readmore

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth Visits Brooklyn

By Elizabeth Rankin Fulcher Living history was abound at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church on Friday evening, February 9, 2007 when Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, the dynamic, charismatic preacher and leader of the Civil Rights Crusade, came to speak with Rev. Johnny Youngblood, his congregation, the students of St. Paul’s Community Baptist Church and the newly […]readmore

After 25 Years of Fighting, ACORN Finds a “Willing Partner”

After spending 25 years fighting with developers for affordable housing in Brooklyn, on the eve of ACORN’s 25th anniversary in April, Executive Director Bertha Lewis is feeling pretty good about how things are going with the Atlantic Yards Development.  As a partner in the Community Benefits Agreement and with the first housing slated for phase […]readmore


For years, decades now, folks have celebrated Black History Month with a plethora of events. There will be movies, book readings, poetry events, concerts and the like. Coming, as it does, on the heels of the nation’s celebration of the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., much of what will be heard will no doubt […]readmore

Prison Families Win Demands Against Unjust Telephone Contract

By Lauren Melodia Families of those locked up by New York State finally won some justice this past month in their fight against a prison telephone contract that charges families of prisoners 630 percent more for collect calls than regular consumer long-distance rates. As one of the first things he did in office, Governor Spitzer […]readmore

The Internet & New Media

By Akosua Kathryn Albritton Is Spam So Bad? Spam is unwanted mail from a known or unknown source.  By unwanted, it is meant that the marketing messages or advertising sent via e-mail weren’t requested by you.  The e-mail is dubbed “spam” because it’s as desirable as the canned meat product manufactured by Hormel.  Yet spam […]readmore

Commerce and Community

By Errol Louis Corruption Trial Update A bombshell hit the Clarence Norman extortion trial when Norman’s longtime pal, William Boone, testified for the prosecution. The  District Attorney contends that Norman, while boss of the Brooklyn Democratic Organization, illegally shook down Karen Yellen, who was  then a sitting judge, by demanding thousands of dollars in payments […]readmore

Letter from Shakoor's Owners

Marissa and I are the proud owners of Shakoor’s Sweet Tooth and we cordially invite you to experience our specialty gourmet desserts for yourself! Shakoor’s Sweet Tooth is primarily a specialty bakery shop but we also have an extensive catering and takeout menu as well. We originally started from our house in 1999 using a […]readmore