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Day: <span>January 1, 2007</span>

Education and Community

By Stanley Kinard Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud! The Black community sighed when informed of the passing of James Brown.  “The Godfather of Soul” made his transition on Christmas Day.  Many of us were fortunate to grow up on his music that shaped the Black Cultural Aesthetic of America.  We thank James […]readmore

Katrina Evacuees a year later: Bed-Stuy Helps them on the

Front Row: Richard Davis (2 Davis children), 2 Parker children, Joetta Rogers, Angela Lopez, Ivy Barbier. Second Row: 2 Davis children, Benetta Davis, Dina Thavares, Haiti Thavares, Arlene Richards, 2 children, Ivy Parker, Aileen Bodiwala. Back Row: Alfred Tumblin, N/A, Veronica Ogden, N/A, Gerry Carter, Oma S. Holloway, Jesse Scott, Herman Joseph, Ade Herbert, N/A, […]readmore

Activists in Seattle Join International Call For Starbucks to Play

By Don Rojas Thousands of activists, Ethiopian-Americans and coffee lovers in more than a dozen countries-from New Zealand to Scotland to the US-visited Starbucks stores on Saturday, December 16. Activists from Seattle’s Ethiopian community, local group Fair Trade Puget Sound and Oxfam demonstrated  outside the Westlake Center Starbucks in Seattle to protest against the company’s […]readmore

Passing Notes

Bradley, the first African-American at CBS to be a White House correspondent and a Sunday night anchor, covered a broad array of stories with insight and aplomb during his 39-year career, from war to politics to sensitive portraits of artists. He won virtually every broadcast news award – some of them more than once. Patricia […]readmore

Shows To See And Those We Treasured

By Linda Armstrong Although there were a lot of marvelous things that happened regarding Black Theatre in 2006, what I want to start this column off with are letting you all know the incredible shows that you are still able to see. Of course, there is the phenomenal musical, “The Color Purple,” playing at the […]readmore

In Somalia, a reckless U.S. proxy war

Salim Lone Tribune Media Services Published: December 26, 2006 NAIROBI: Undeterred by the horrors and setbacks in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, the Bush Administration has opened another battlefront in the Muslim world. With full U.S. backing and military training, at least 15,000 Ethiopian troops have entered Somalia in an illegal war of aggression against the […]readmore

The Internet & New Media

By Akosua Kathryn Albritto Patience Has Its Rewards & Savings PC Richards, Target, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Wal-Mart, Circuit City and others have it out for the consumer.  They’re out to meet the immediate desire to have.  To have that camcorder, digital camera, gaming console, printer, laptop computer, portable DVD player or big-screen television.  To have […]readmore

The Parent’s Notebook

By Aminisha Black Post-Kwanzaa Ujima Nine days before Kwanzaa as I was picking up my grandsons from their school bus stop, a conflict between some young males escalated with two of them standing on the corner of Washington Avenue and Fulton Street shooting towards a group of fleeing youth. Unsure of what would follow, I […]readmore