Our Time Press

Day: <span>September 1, 2006</span>

Open Field in the 57th Assembly District

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Teen View

Whenever summer comes around, a lot of things run through  the minds of parents and their teens. Final report cards, Regents test scores and summer jobs. Summer jobs are hard to find for young teens. That’s because most jobs want people that do not have to go home at a certain time and can work […]readmore

57th Assembly District: An Open Field

Though much of the political discussion this election season has centered on the Congressional races, there are a number of state campaigns that are just as contentious. Take for instance the Democratic primary in the 57th Assembly District. With the 24-year incumbent, Roger Green, making his play for Washington, the seat is up for grabs. […]readmore


HBO: Can you talk a little about the title, and its significance? Spike Lee: Well, titles are always important for all my films. That’s the first thing the audience hears. Even before I had written the script for Do the Right Thing I had the title. I can’t remember exactly when we came up with […]readmore

“No Contest” For State Senator Velmanette Montgomery

“It will be no contest,” is one of the lines Muhammad Ali used to describe how his skills were superior to his opponent’s and the phrase comes to mind as we contemplate the upcoming race for the 18th  senate  District now held by State Senator Velmanette Montgomery. All politicians expect to be challenged, after all, […]readmore

NYC Board of Elections Removes “Hidden Barriers” to Voting

In compliance with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the New York City Board of Elections will implement new equipment to assist voters with disabilities. Avante Ballot Marking Devices (BMDs), featuring a variety of adaptive technologies, will be available to voters during this year’s September 12th Primary and […]readmore

Chris Owens on the Issues

Our Time Press: Looking at David Yassky’s Web site, I didn’t see the words, African-American, Black or Caribbean-American attached to any of the issues he speaks about. What initiatives will you be taking in office that will address African- American/Caribbean concerns in Brooklyn? Chris Owens: We are now up to one billion dollars for the […]readmore

The “New” 4W: New Look, New Program, New Artists, New

“We’ve got a new attitude” come September, that may very well be the song that 4W Circle of Art and Enterprise, Inc., commonly called ‘4W’ by fans and supporters, will be singing.  4W Circle has served the needs of artists since 1991 and has been a supporter of emerging artists since its inception.ÿ4W has changed […]readmore