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Day: <span>June 1, 2006</span>

Chris Owens

“Our nation is heading in the wrong direction and we need fighters to turn it around,” says Chris Owens. “The same people who were on the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder in 1965, when the Voting Rights Acts was passed, are still at the bottom in 2006. I have the knowledge, experience and temperament to […]readmore

The Congressional Black Caucus and the State of African-American Males

<PMTags1.0 win><C-COLORTABLE (“Black” 1 0 0 0)><GFIRST 18><GALIGNMENT “justify”><FONT “Times New Roman”><SIZE 10><GTABS $>Thanks to the recent spate of articles across this country, America has discovered what some of us have already known: the black man is in trouble. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, there are those among us who have stepped […]readmore

Do You Know What Happened to Chanel Petro-Nixon?

A Crown Heights landlady saw a large black garbage bag  still on the curb on Thursday, June 22, even though trash had been collected earlier that morning. She assumed the bag, discarded outside of her Kingston Ave. apartment, contained construction debris, and was therefore too heavy for garbage men to pick up. So, she said, […]readmore

Public Should Know About Andrews

The Public Deserves The Facts on Carl Andrews To the Editor: I have just read the Danielle Douglas article on Carl Andrews, and note  that I have been cited by name. Ms. Douglas mentions the article on my  Web site, FOOTNOTESNY, which carries information about congressional candidate Carl Andrews. I assume that Ms. Douglas is […]readmore

Forty years after the Civil Rights Act, still “Great Disparity

If it wasn’t so tragic it would be amusing; the attempts by “mainstream” print media to misinterpret history, to manipulate facts, to support their personal beliefs, and to pretend that equality exists in New York City between Black and White people, are absurd in the extreme. Racism, whether systemic or institutional is immoral, inhumane and […]readmore

Commerce and Community

Help Find a Killer Somebody reading this paper knows something about the murder of Chanel Petro-Nixon, the 16-year-old honor student from Bedford-Stuyvesant whose strangled body was discovered dumped on Kingston Avenue on June 23. If an innocent child can be slain in this way without a strong response from neighborhood leaders, it means nobody is […]readmore

The Parent’s Notebook

Returning Home for Healing In case you missed it, the November 16, 2005 issue of Our Time Press is must reading for parents.  Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary’s ‘s work on Post- traumatic Slave Syndrome and the reprint of a 1998 lecture by Professor Amos Wilson combine as a commanding call to African-Americans.   Dr. Leary makes […]readmore

City Sun Founder Andrew W. Cooper Celebrated at St. Francis

(Brooklyn, NY -June 26, 2006) –  the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office saluted the late Andrew W. Cooper, founder and publisher of the award-winning Brooklyn-based Black newspaper The City  Sun, with a proclamation of Andrew Wells Cooper Memorial Day in Brooklyn USA  on June 22 during a reception for the Andrew W. Cooper Young Journalists in  […]readmore