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Day: <span>June 1, 2006</span>

Ed Towns’ Progressive Voting Record

Progressive Action Score: 77 1. A score of 77 means that Rep. Towns has acted to support 77% of a slate of progressive policies in the 109th Congress. Progressive, forward-looking actions Rep. Towns has taken to merit a PAS of 77: Section 102 of H.R. 418 authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to nullify any […]readmore

Young Blacks Are The Most Politically Engaged

Think America’s youth are nothing more than a bunch of lazy and ungrateful text-messaging, mall-dwelling, iPod-blasting brats? A recent survey released last week from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement says to think again, especially when it comes to America’s Black youth. According to the study, African-American young people are […]readmore

The Continuing Struggle

Nearly seventy years ago, the Supreme Court decided that aggrieved persons could boycott or picket a store or business that was denying, to them, equal opportunities. During the height of the Korean Boycott, the Dinkins Administration sought to undo gains Blacks won under the Norris-La Guardia Labor Act in 1937. Blacks in Harlem boycotted white […]readmore

Small Business Camp

At this very moment, should you be reading this article? Have you allowed e-mails, books, newspapers and magazines to become a distraction? Is their something else you should be doing right now that can help to reduce your expenses or increase your profits? The book of Ecclesiastes suggests, “There is a season for everything  The […]readmore

NAREB President Clifford H. Turner: New York Black Realtors to

“We have launched an aggressive effort across this country with all 84 of our local boards to move (up) the home- ownership levels for Black people in America, and New York City will be the model for this effort,” said Clifford H. Turner, President of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, in an interview […]readmore


Our Time Press debuted its first “Community Conversation with ….. ” at the elegangt Brooks Valley Cafe & Restaurant, last month with the dynamic, young Kenny Rushing, president and CEO of Rehabbers Superstore and House Hustlers Enterprises, Inc., who is also a nationally known motivational speaker and successful real estate businessman. Mr. Rushing, 33, a […]readmore

Yvette Clarke

She is the only woman in a congressional race abound with testosterone. But New York City Councilwoman Yvette Clarke is no shrinking violet. A month back at a candidate’s forum held at the 55th AD Democratic Club, she took center stage with arguably the most impassioned speech of the night. The crowd of mostly senior […]readmore

State Progressive Baptists Support Oyibo

Professor Gabriel A. Oyibo, an African born in Nigeria and nationalized an American citizen is the scientist who recently discovered the Unified Field Theorem while conducting research at OFAPPIT  Institute of Technology on Long Island, New York.  His discovery will have a technological phenomenal impact on the world in which we live.  It will bring […]readmore