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Day: <span>January 1, 2006</span>


Atlantic Yards and Black Business Development Opponents of the proposed $3.5 billion Atlantic Yards Project have a strategy of spreading innuendo and personal attacks against any and everyone who thinks the plan should be improved rather than scrapped. Much of the smear campaign is conducted through Web sites and blogs that endlessly cross-reference one another, […]readmore

The Parent’s

The Six – month Countdown from Home Base         September  found parents shopping for school clothes or purchasing uniforms, making travel arrangements and handling the transition from summer to fall schedule. You probably depended on your child to monitor his own progress, at least for the first six weeks.  The Parent-Teacher conference in November was […]readmore


This year’s Kwanzaa celebrations took many forms in Brooklyn communities. These celebrations included the Kwanzaa Classic, a three-day tournament with over 100 kids from Brownsville, East New York, Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant participating in a basketball tournament. Prior to each game the youth were participating in a cultural forum regarding Black History and reflecting on […]readmore

EVERYBODY’S Magazine Selects

Roger Toussaint as Person of the Year This year, EVERYBODY’S Magazine 2005 Person of the Year is Roger Toussaint, President of Local 100, the union that represents the transit workers of New York City. Like thousands of other Caribbean immigrants, Trinidad & Tobago-born Toussaint came to the U.S. to get an education and remained to […]readmore

View From Here

The reason Roger Toussaint resonates with the African Diaspora of New York is because he is a leader in the mold of the people who have brought us thus far, and who we need to protect and see emulated.    Mr. Toussaint, like his namesake, Haiti’s great leader Toussaint-Louverture,  is smart, principled and strong enough to […]readmore

Remembered Lives

Looking back to the year that was 2005, “Remembered Lives” devotes its first column of the New Year to a more expanded list of notables left behind. Of course, any such undertaking is enormously unwieldy and yet unpredictable. Our sincerest pardon for any significant omissions. RS Obie Benson – Member of the Four Tops Lamont […]readmore

Fund-Raiser for the Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center

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