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Day: <span>October 1, 2005</span>

The millions and more

I went to the Millions More Movement because I wanted to be reenergized.  A long time activist, I was stagnant and had stopped doing the things I was used to doing: calling my representatives in Congress, petitioning various agencies on behalf of causes important to me, and I still hadn’t managed to move the Saturday […]readmore

A Profile

For more than half a century, Dorothy Height’s leadership has advanced the liberation struggleof black women. She has indeed carried out the dream of her friend and mentor, Mary McLeod Bethune, to leave no one behind. November 7, 1937, Mary McLeod Bethune, the founder and president of the National Council of Negro Women, noticed the […]readmore

The Parent’s Notebook

By Aminisha Black Reclaiming Relationships With Our Children Sankofa is an Akan word that means, “We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward”. In Africa, where the highest-held value is relationships, families and community share and reinforce values.  Intergenerational activities provide practical mentoring for children.  While numbers of Africans come […]readmore

At the Millions More Movement, Comments from the People

Cold rain fell for nine days straight throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic States, in October.  Then on the 10th day, October 15,  the sun beamed and, later that evening, the moon loomed bold and large, unobscured by the mists of the previous evenings.  “It had to rain like that,” said artist -photographer Barry L. Mason, […]readmore

Lee Lord, 72: “I’m Standing on .Many Shoulders”

By Royal Shariyf The first thing striking about Lee Lord is he does not resemble the appearance of a man almost seventy-three years old. Not merely by how youthful he looks. But his avid passion and talent for digital media technology, his seeming fluidity to fresh ideas and quaking change all portray perhaps a younger […]readmore

Join the Brownstoners of Bedford-Stuyvesant on their 27th Annual House

Brooklyn, New York (September 2005) – The Bedford-Stuyvesant Annual House Tour has historically been a draw for thousands of visitors. Now in its 27th year, the Brownstoners will once again showcase a collection of the community’s finest brownstones and limestones. This year’s theme, “Embracing the Spirit of Community,” promises to be a declaration of the […]readmore

Major exhibition for first time presents history of slaves who

The remarkable, untold story of New York’s deep involvement in the slave trade is the focus of a major multi-media exhibition, Slavery in New York, which opens October 7, 2005 and runs through March 5, 2006 at the New-York Historical Society, at Central Park West and 77th Street in New York City. The 9,000 square-foot […]readmore

National Park Service Releases African Burial Ground Recommendations

The National Park Service (NPS) has announced that the draft Management Recommendations for the African Burial Ground, an important National Historic Landmark located in New York City, will be available for public review and comment beginning on September 28. Release of this plan offers the American public an important opportunity to provide comment on recommendations […]readmore