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Day: <span>August 1, 2005</span>

2 Candidates for Mayor

By Danielle Douglas Regarded by many as the second-most powerful politician in New York City, City Council Speaker Gifford Miller is banking on his legislative record to catapult him into the mayoral office. As City Council Speaker since 2002, Miller created the city’s first Earned-Income Tax Credit, passed the first living-wage law and required the […]readmore

Bones and Souls of the African Burial Ground

If the bones and souls of the African Burial Ground could talk, there would be laughter ringing beneath the streets of Manhattan today.  The  20,000 buried there, awakened and shivering with the vibration of joyful drums overhead, would call out to each other to listen to the tread of thousands of New York City’s children […]readmore

Landlord Tenant Dispute

Is Food For Thought By Danielle Douglas On the corner of Marcus Garvey Boulevard and Mac Donough Street, Food 4 Thought has established itself as one of the few and foremost health-food restaurants in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Open a little over a year, the black-owned caf‚ has offered the community an alternative to the fast-food restaurants that […]readmore

Director John Singleton Nurtures Stars of “Four Brothers”

Stephanie R. Green  The highly-touted “Four Brothers” hits the screens earlier this month, and while it is not your typical “family” film, John Singleton, behind the scenes, was comfortable in the paternal role of director. In the film, adopted brothers of different ethnicities (Black and White), reunite as a family to avenge the murder of  […]readmore

Harlem Book Fair Celebrates Seventh Year

By Royal Shariyf At war with growing multimedia mass distraction, though not insurmountable, booksellers and writers face a perpetual challenge. These days, getting an unaccustomed public to take up a book is an obstacle to overcome.  But at the recent Harlem Book Fair, its seventh annual, where a cascade of conversations swirled down 135th Street […]readmore

The Internet & New Media

By Akosua Kathryn Albritton Maintenance Tip #3 Backups are figuratively mirrors or snapshots of your hard drive at a moment in time.  Backing up your computer is useful in the event of a crash or when old, rarely used files need to be removed from the hard drive.  If you’ve downloaded such programs as Acrobat […]readmore


“Faithful Reader” Says Real Education Must Come From Outside Education System I read and enjoyed and learned much from each of the issues of your   excellent newspaper. The issue of a couple of years back on the history of education in New York State, was/is so invaluable that it should be reprinted every September, just […]readmore

Getting Help for Substance Abuse

By Peter Fry The first thing you need to know is that people have been dealing with alcohol and drug abuse for a long time, and millions have been helped over the years. Since Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1935, a great deal has been learned and the number of programs available have multiplied tremendously. […]readmore