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Day: <span>May 1, 2005</span>

Wangari Maathai, Nobel Prize Winner

As the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize, Professor Wangari Maathai, 65, has left an indelible mark on the struggle for environmental and social justice. As founder of the Green Belt Movement, in her native Kenya, Maathai has led thousands of Kenyan women in a crusade to protect environmental resources by planting […]readmore


Freestyle Kids clothing company was established in by Mimi Humphrey in 2005 to meet the fashion needs of parents looking for a return to a more traditional style of dress for children from newborn through size 10.  As a parent, Mimi was often challenged to find appropriate clothing for both everyday and special occasion wear, […]readmore

Domestic Abuse

By the age of twenty-three, his youngest assailant had learned the lesson of hate.  Why hadn’t he learned it by age forty-nine?  Shouldn’t he have known better?  It was during the wee hours of  Sunday morning; all drunk:  three white males-in a pick up-on a dark Texas road. One black male-on foot-been drinking and he […]readmore

Cheers for Minister Farrakhan

Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, came to Brooklyn last month to personally announce the 2005 Millions More Movement and to call for unity among Black leaders, Black men,  Black women and the greater Diaspora family.  He spoke at the historic House of the Lord Church, pastored by The Reverend Herbert […]readmore

Black, Hispanic, And Low-income Women In New York City

At Increased Risk For Premature Illness And Death “Women At Risk: The Health of Women in New York City” Report Released NEW YORK CITY – March 8, 2005 – New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) Commissioner Dr. Thomas R. Frieden today presented findings from “Women at Risk: The Health of Women […]readmore

An Assistant Principal's Story

After 27 years as Dedicated Educator, Alfred Martin Told He’s “Miscast” for the Role By Danielle Douglass For over 27 years, Alfred Martin, 58, has worked as an educator in the New York City public school system. From a junior high school math teacher to a high school assistant principal, Mr. Martin has dedicated his […]readmore

Stroke Impact Greater Among African-Americans

(NAPSI)-Stroke, the third leading cause of death among Americans, can be especially devastating for African-Americans. In fact, statistics show that there is a two to threefold greater stroke incidence for African-Americans than for Caucasians.           Most people who are at risk for a stroke meet one or more of the following criteria: 55 years […]readmore

The Internet & New Media

By Akosua Kathryn Albritton Internet TV Americans and television-it’s an enduring love affair.  In fifty years, television has gone from black and white images playing from narrow screens with broadcasts shutting down around midnight to color, high-definition and plasma screens; and 24/7 broadcasting.  TV programming is transmitted via antenna, cable, satellite and Dish.  Then there […]readmore