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Day: <span>January 1, 2005</span>

New York’s First Murder, January, 1641, Gave Rise to First

By William Loren Katz  New York’s first murder took place on January 6, 1641 in the Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam and the man slain was one of dozens of African laborers who had had begun to arrive before 1624 when the Dutch purchased the island from the Algonquins for $24. To this day the […]readmore


MIT Summer Program for High School-age Young Women The Women’s Technology Program at MIT is a 4-week summer residence program to introduce high school girls to electrical engineering and computer science. If you know a girl who is currently a high school junior with demonstrated math and science ability and an interest in finding out […]readmore

Charles Palm Praised as “Guiding Light” at Bed-Stuy Family Health

It only takes a visit to the current crowded facility, to understand the elation at the  groundbreaking ceremony for the Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Clinic’s new building at the Fulton Street side. The Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center’s Executive Director, Ulysses Kilgore, said that the building, which will extend through the block, facing Fulton Street and Brooklyn […]readmore

The Law and You

By Eric Adams The Ocean Hill – Stansbury connection On 12/21/04 at the Ocean Hill Housing Development,  the ghost of tragedies past reared its ugly head.  A uniformed police officer, while conducting a vertical had a part of the finger on his right hand shot off.  Initial reports indicated that the perpetrator of this act […]readmore