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Day: <span>February 1, 2004</span>

Area Ministers Support Councilwoman Tish James Against Ratner Plan

At a City Hall press conference convened by Councilwoman Leticia James, several ministers, with church congregations located in the area of Ratner’s proposed development addressed the question of the arena proposal. Reverend Perrin of Hanson Place Central United Methodist Church: “Why no to the Nets arena?” Because economic progress cannot be made at the expense […]readmore

Arena: Not a Done Deal ‘Til People Sing

When the Political, Real Estate and Financial power centers agree on a project, you have what they market as “a done deal.” Left out of the equation are the people, and on this project they intend to be players.  Bling-bling marketing with celebrity names distracts some people,  but others see this project as a rich […]readmore

Charles Barron to Stand on People’s Platform in Run for

Launches Campaign in the Name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To enthusiastic chants of  “Charles in Charge,” and “Here comes the Mayor,”   Councilman Charles Barron, accompanied by his wife Inez (“the love of my life and the greatest supporter of my life’s work”), and his son, Jawaanza, (“I thank him for lending me to […]readmore

Why not a REAL “Atlantic Alternative”?

  By Paul Sheridan We have seen the first sketches for Bruce Ratner’s “abominable arena” for Brooklyn’s downtown area.  Elsewhere, others have analyzed its many problems: the taking of private property for profit, the loss of billions in future income to the city, the increased traffic and congestion, the poor aesthetics, the lack of land- […]readmore

The Internet & New Media

By Akosua Kathryn Albritton The Funk Won’t Let You Down The players of instruments and their Web sites are honored for African-American History Month.  What players and what music?  The musicians who introduced funk.  It is only fitting to start with the entity that tells us to “Tear the roof off the sucker”; “S?%t, G#d […]readmore

The Law and You

By Eric Adams Federal investigators entered into the suspect’s house and searched through all of his personal belongings to locate evidence that would substantiate their belief that he was a foreign spy. Although they did not locate anything connected to their investigation, they did find items that showed he was involved in a homosexual relationship. […]readmore

Former Brooklyn-based Writer Shines in “Dark Matter” Anthology

Kevin Brockenbrough lived in Brooklyn twice: once in a brownstone owned by a Pratt student, located just off Clinton and Myrtle and then more recently in a condo at  1 Rockwell Place, which was, he says, “delightfully close to Junior’s Restaurant.” He lived for three years in each location. And that’s long enough for us […]readmore

From the Aisle

By Linda Armstrong Williams Is Wonderful In ‘AIDA’ Michelle T. Williams of Destiny’s Child is making her Broadway debut in AIDA, a Disney musical with amazing music by Elton John, lyrics by Tim Rice and a book by Linda Woolverton. Williams’ debut is delightful. She is a wonderful fit to the cast of the Tony- […]readmore