Our Time Press

Day: <span>December 1, 2003</span>

A Look Back at What Was Accomplished

The injustices of the Jim Crow era of separate economic and social circles for whites and blacks, have been well-documented.  Signs such as “No Negroes allowed” and “Whites Only” are familiar symbols of a time when Black people were forced to trade among themselves, patronizing Black-owned stores and businesses.   Under such constraints, we made economic […]readmore

Ugly Policing in Brooklyn Park

At about 1:45pm on Thursday, August 20th, we had just parked on St. Andrews Place, across from the park, when a police car raced onto the field and came to a halt in front of a man sitting on the player’s bench  behind the wire fencing.  The man was alone  facing the  sun and the […]readmore

“Bad Faith” by NYCHA Brings Tenants Together

The demonstration outside of  1786 Prospect Plaza held on November 13, was to bring attention to promises the New York City Housing Authority had made but not fulfilled as part of the HUD-funded $100 million HOPE VI Community Revitalization Project Ocean/Hill Brownsville.  Milton Bolton, president of the Prospect Plaza Tenants Association, said, “There’s been no […]readmore

Good Attitude Brings Results in Brownsville

When facing challenges they say that attitude is everything and we saw an example of that in two meetings in Brownsville that dealt with those points where city and population meet: crime, garbage pickups and housing. We first attended a tenant association meeting at Seth Lowe Housing at Belmont and Christopher.  Chaired by Jenny Ortiz-Bowman, […]readmore

Holiday Shopping in Brooklyn

A new Brooklyn resident remarked that Brooklyn does have a thriving black business community.  He says his previous home, The Bronx, does not have much in the way of “blacks going for themselves.”  That’s true: Brooklyn has black shop owners.  Considering the holidays are upon us, it behooves us to patronize our black businesses.  Though […]readmore


The current scientific project constitutes yet another dimension of the struggle for control of the ABG. We seek to illuminate the impact of African captivity upon the lives of our ancestors and their living descendants, and to reconstruct knowledge of their origins and identities that were deliberately distorted in the effort to bolster the identity […]readmore