Our Time Press

Day: <span>November 1, 2003</span>

“Little Shop Of Horrors” is Hilarious

By Linda Armstrong Imagine working at a failing floral shop, not having a chance with a cute co-worker you are crazy about and being an orphan. That was the story of Seymour’s (played by Hunter Foster) life. It seemed bleak, that is until he discovered a rare plant. This plant brought business to the shop […]readmore

Commerce and Community

By Errol T. Louis Knight Takes Pawn? James Davis, the slain city councilman, is surely spinning in his grave right now. His brother, Geoffrey Davis, has made just about every rookie mistake it’s possible to make in politics. Geoffrey stumbled out of the starting gate when he fired several key people who were managing his […]readmore

Education and Community

by  Stanley Kinard My condolences go out to the natural and cultural family of Baba Ishangi who made his transition in Gambia, West Africa last week.  This was a very shocking loss to the African cultural community of which Baba Ishangi served as a spiritual leader, performing artist, and educator. He was as much a […]readmore

Wired for Success

The Internet & New Media By Akosua Kathryn Albritton Ebooks Do you notice people reading from their Pocket PC devices-they look like sophisticated Gameboys?  Depending on the part of New York you are in, Pocket PCs are either everywhere-on the subway, in the park, at the laundry or at the outdoor bistro-or nowhere.  What people […]readmore

The Law and You

By Eric Adams President of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care     It Takes a Village to Support a Mother in a Fatherless Family Eleven year-old Sandra recalled watching her mother leave their modest home in South Jamaica, Queens, to travel across town to her evening job that consisted of cleaning medical offices. Her mother […]readmore

New Real Estate Office “Brings Knowledge to The Table”

By Iris Hoskins Broadband Realty opened a few months ago and Irsa Greene, owner and founder, already has a  number of satisfied clients on her list. Located in Bedford- Stuyvesant, she educates and informs people from  Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan on how to invest in homes. Irsa and her staff of eight people are there […]readmore

View From a Different Angle

By Marie Alexander Last night I went to the first annual fund-raiser for BEOC, Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center where Dr. Lois Blades-Rosado is dean and executive director.  This was a fund-raiser and a Latin Jazz Concert but I’ll get to that later. It’s said the person/persons at the top set the tone. Well, it’s true. […]readmore

Mo’ Better Wins Again

By Marlon McRae Mo’ Better outlasted Another Level, 8-5, in eight innings to win the decisive fifth game of the series on Oct. 19 at Kingston Park and another Brooklyn United Softball Association title.  “This was hectic,” said commissioner John Calhoun. “It was an excellent series, the last two games going into extra innings. This […]readmore