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Day: <span>May 1, 2003</span>

Paul Wolfowitz

Paul Wolfowitz and Other “Court Jews” by JOSH RUEBNER  (CounterPunch March 14, 2003) Dear Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, I doubt it if you remember me. That’s okay though. I don’t think that I did anything to merit drawing the attention of the dean as a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University School of […]readmore

May 18 Haitian Flag Day

Jean-Jacques Dessalines, [pronounced zhahn zhahk day sa LEEN,] (1758-1806) is one of Haiti’s national heroes. He helped free the country from French rule and became its first chief of state. Dessalines was born a slave in Grande-Riviere-du-Nord, Haiti. In his early life, he served as an officer in the French army. In 1791, Dessalines became […]readmore

Garden Patches…

“This was an active garden, we had visiting schools and day care centers bringing their children by to share the garden.  There was a brick walkway there, a huge fishing pond there, five vegetable boxes, chairs and tables for children and adults.  Plenty of flowers were there.  There was a site dedicated to the victims […]readmore


Part Two of Two-Parts In North Carolina’s Hertford and Perquimans Counties, where Sheila Miller grew up, massive efforts are underway to preserve and restore long-abandoned properties, including cabins, shacks, three-room schools, outbuildings, cotton mill villages, and more.  This region is just one of many in the South where, on unsteady backwoods porches, lives – long […]readmore

Dr. Julianne Malveaux

OTP:The U.S. invasion of Iraq has a down payment cost of about $80 billion.  Here in Brooklyn,  both New York City and state are facing multibillion-deficits and yet President Bush is pushing for a major tax cut which he says will stimulate the economy.  Could you comment on that for us?  Is this true or […]readmore

City Finances, Revenues

Assemblyman Roger Green and State Senator Velmanette Montgomery hosted a town hall meeting of child care advocates and peace activists to blast the governor on eliminating summer youth employment and after-school programs. Meeting at Brown Memorial Baptist Church,  Assemblyman Green spoke of the need to identify the sources of revenue which will not only solve […]readmore


IS PLANNED FOR JUNE 5 AT THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM OF ART “The basis of socialized behavior is belonging – not just passing through,” says Ms. Doris Clarke of the Brooklyn Community Housing and Services.  “Along with that comes responsibility being in the community, making connections, investing in the corner store, acknowledging your neighbor, showing that […]readmore