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Day: <span>December 1, 1998</span>

Democrats Got the Black Vote, Now What Do We Get?

Eighty-seven percent of the black vote went to Charles Schumer.  Only 13% went to the Floyd Flake supported Al Damato.  Rev. Calvin Butts supported Pataki who got only 15% of the black vote.  This says that the black electorate is smart enough not to be fooled by the Flake and the Butts claims to political […]readmore

Making Schools Work for Parents

As another calendar year approaches its end and Kwanzaa is days away, it=s the perfect time to assess effectiveness in all areas of our lives and revamp our plans for the coming year.    On the school front the Fall Open School sessions have just concluded.    Conversations with teachers and parents in various schools brought home […]readmore

A Fam

When the Powell family gathers in a joyous celebration of Kwanzaa this year, a new addition to the family will be present. For this reason the Kwanzaa principles will have a special meaning. Eight month old Christopher will not understand about the candies or ceremony but he will see the loving faces of his family. […]readmore

Unity Party Victory

The newly-formed Unity Party is claiming victory after receiving close to 11,000 votes in the November 3, 1998 elections. Although 50,000 votes were needed for the Unity Party to receive ballot status and recognition by New York State, the Party is exercising self-determination by affirming that we are indeed a party because we gathered 20,500 […]readmore

Tragedy Around the Corner

The cardboard shrine filled with teddy bears, candy and personal messages that is resting against the traffic post on Clinton and Green Avenues is a community=s way of rendering homage to a little boy who wasn=t supposed to die.  Quinntaun Burns, seven years old, was hit on November 3, Election day, by an 18-wheeler truck, […]readmore

ASLAM@ Entertains

with Words as Special Effects What makes the movie Slam, starring Saul Williams and Sonya Sohn, so far superior to Hollywood extravaganzas, is that it is an analog production of all the meanings between the ones and zeros of the digital world of Hollywood filmmaking.   Rather than the special effects of Gucci-clad deal-makers, it relies […]readmore

Neighborhood Planning-

The Right Way and the Wrong Way When will they learn?  After decades of neighborhood conflicts over the placement of social service facilities, there are still nonprofit organizations that think they can ram a controversial project down the throats of people in our communities, often in ways that lower the property values of longtime residents […]readmore

Leslie Uggams and Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr. in the Primary

of The Old Settler by John Henry Redwood and directed by Harold Scott If there is a theater award for best evocation of a memory, it would have to go to John Henry Redwood’s “The Old Settler” at the Primary Stages Theatre on West 45th Street.   And though popular demand has extended its stay until […]readmore