Our Time Press

Day: <span>September 1, 1998</span>


Liani S. Greaves BETTER THAN EVER…   The Urban World Film Festival marked its second year last month, with a star-studded lineup of features, shorts and documentary films.  This year, the festival attracted three major studio films – 20th Century Fox’s “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”, Warner Bros.’ “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” […]readmore

Unity Party Street Soldier

OTP:  What were you doing this morning Floyd? Floyd Davis: I was at 125th and 145th Street, on the Eighth Avenue line subway platforms passing out literature.   People are starting to recognize Mary’s name is out there. They have very positive responses.  We let them know she’s an African American woman running for governor.  When […]readmore


Written by Dr. Melva Jackman A Dramatic Skit Cast: The Announcer Tawana Brawley Alton H. Maddox, Jr. The Rev. Al Sharpton Chorus Soloist Script: ANNOUNCER:  Newspapers, television, radio, magazines tell us about what is going on in the world.  Unfortunately, there are many issues we should know about and discuss which are not considered important […]readmore

Tawana Speaks at UAM Banquet

Love and support, and renewed interest in Tawana Brawley and the men who are her champions are building in the Black community and beyond.  So when her United African Movement family welcomed Tawana at an event in her and her mother’s honor Friday, August 14, at the Masonic Temple on Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn, she […]readmore


You may know Maxine Page Casellas by her hands more than her voice.  She owns “Nails by Maxine,” the quaint nail parlor at 117 South Oxford Street, frequented by the fashionably correct of Brooklyn and surrounding areas. Now,  Maxine has brought her wonderful, strong, seasoned voice out of hiding, wed it to great “heart and […]readmore

Social Security: Black Workers

At our November 15 [1995] meeting [a local candidate] told us of the positive experiences he had gathering signatures in East Palo Alto and of an insight one of his neighbors shared: “Did you ever realize how racist Social Security is? Blacks don’t live as long as whites, so Social Security overtaxes black workers to […]readmore

Photographer Robert Cave's Legacy

A host of family and friends gathered to celebrate the life of Robert Daniel Cave, Sr., September 14 at Evening Star Baptist Church.  Mr. Cave, a noted photographer in the community, passed away on Tuesday evening, September 8.  His legacy lives in the thousands of photographs he shot of  Brooklynites, known and unknown.  It also […]readmore

Mary France

Candidate for Governor OTP:   In terms of this campaign, what is the importance of another party line, what power does it give you, and what are the issues that your campaign will address? Mary France:  There are several lines right now, but in spite of that none of the current parties represent the masses of […]readmore