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Careers: You Can Do It, too! The Fletchers worked on the Space Launch System (SLS) the first rocket-ship that landed on Mars

NO LIMITS to TIERA’S DRIVEAt age 11, Tiera Guinn Fletcher wanted to be an aerospace engineer. Fourteen years later, she is. During that time, Ms. Fletcher became a 2017 graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering; a Boeing Rocket Structural Design

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The Best of Our Time LEMUEL MIAL

Phenomenal Family Man, FriendMusician, Artist, Sage, Advocate for the People “Mr. Lemuel Mial will be remembered for his brilliance, creativity and dedicationto the transformation of the VON KING CULTURAL ARTS CENTER.I am happy to have had the opportunity to work alongside him to make Von King a park for all

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Heirs to Mial’s Legacy

The scribes on this page cite the genius (and spirit) of Lemuel Mial as a motivational force in their lives.In his public life, Mr. Mial was the architect of many programs that served families, youth, and residents.And he was the same in his private life with family members and friends.He

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