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By David Mark GreavesWe see the emotional trauma inflicted on the witnesses to the death of George Floyd in the testimony they are giving in the murder trial of the officer charged with his death, Derek Chauvin. These onlookers were traumatized by having to stand helpless as one of their own, a citizen on the street, was being tortured and murdered in front of them, and there was nothing they dare do.Horrible as this is, that same trauma was the daily reality of enslaved Africans for four hundred years.

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Our Time Press interviewed Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams during a phone call on the afternoon of his annual evening Borough Hall Christmas Tree lighting event. He was excited to share some his ideas for moving the city forward. They encompassed a far-ranging agenda for managing a sweep of

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Black Fortune 500 Execs Condemn Republican Voting Restrictions

The nation’s top Black business leaders are calling out Fortune 500 companies for not speaking up against new laws restricting Black people from voting across the country.

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Community News

Dee Poku-Spalding Named New Board Member, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy (The Conservancy) recently elected entrepreneur Dee Poku-Spalding, and Jay Mann, corporate executive, as new members of its Board of Directors. The election took place at the Conservancy’s March 17 Board Meeting.“We are honored to welcome Dee Poku-Spalding

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Community News

Lawmakers’ new $212 billion budget “makes New York State better for all”

Schools to get record $29.5b in aid; and nursing homes, green initiatives, excluded workers to benefit, as well New York’s wealthiest residents and companies will pay more in taxes to help their less fortunate neighbors. And the agreement could not come at a better time.Legislators struggled to come to an

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