Butler is outraged by the state Board of Elections’ decision to comply

During the state Board of Elections meeting on Wednesday, the commissioner said the board had received a request for the state’s voter records and the board has voted to release the requested information.

In response, Henry Butler, candidate for New York City Council District 41, issued this statement:
“President Trump’s request for voter records and his allegations of voter fraud are a thinly veiled attack on the civil rights of America’s most historically disenfranchised communities.  I am outraged by the Board of Elections’ decision to comply with this alarming request by the Trump Administration. The president is projecting his insecurity over losing the popular vote in last year’s election onto the people of New York State and his unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud should not be dignified by any respectable agency.  Jim Crow policies have no place in New York or anywhere, and I will not stand idly by as President Trump tramples on decades of progress in pursuit of his ignorant brand of prejudice.

While this data release will not include sensitive information, including Social Security numbers, no New Yorker should take solace in that, especially if they’re a person of color. Black Americans have been historically targeted at the polls and we all saw the Republicans’ reprehensible but effective tactics to suppress the Black vote in 2016. The intention of this administration is to ramp up voter suppression tactics, and they will stop at nothing.

The president’s voter fraud assertion will be proven to be an outright lie, but we cannot let our voting rights be a casualty in this madness. While he obsesses about a problem that doesn’t exist, let’s turn our attention to making it easier to vote by joining the ranks of other states with early voting periods and enacting automatic registration for those turning 18 years old.

We must protect the sanctity of the private vote and there is no one I trust less with this information than President Trump. He proves on a daily basis that he is unfit for the office he serves, and I strongly condemn the choice made by the Board of Elections to put New York voters’ information in his custody.”