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Margo McKenzie

After thirty-three years of dedicated service as an educator and administrator, I continue to teach and inspire through the gift of writing.

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Two-time Pulitzer Winner Lynn Nottage Honored at the New Billie Holiday...

By Fern Gillespie Our Time Press was proud to be a co-sponsor of an intimate evening at Billie Holiday Theatre that honored Brooklyn's historic two-time...

Hypocrites Trump & Moore Cannot Make America Great Again!

By Lisa Durden I never really paid the bible-thumping, right-winged, failed Chief Justice Roy Moore any mind until he opened his mouth and out came...

Colin Kaepernick, Our Time Press Man of the Year

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick engaged and redirected the consciousness of sports when he knelt at the 49ers’ final 2016 game during the U.S. national anthem...